PregZens patented side fastening underwear makes getting dressed (and undressed) a lot more comfortable.

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Velcro Side Fastening, moisture absorbing/period underwear

We fit inbetween regular underwear and adult diapers

Laugh leak, sneeze leak

We got you protected
Adjustable hook and eyes

Adjustable maternity underwear that grows with your tummy

Snap On snap off period/moisture absorbing underwear

PregZen's Snap On Snap Off Moisture absorbing underwear replaces the use of pads, tampons, liners. Washable and reusable.

Inclusive - Can be put on while standing, sitting or lying down. No bending down or lifting the legs necessary to get dressed or

Designed for on the Go - No need to take your shoes or pants off to change.

No mess - no pulling your dirty period underwear down your legs to freshen up into a new pair. Just snap off the old pair and snap on a new one!

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Velcro side-fastening Moisture absorbing/ Period underwear

Great for laugh and leak, sneeze and leak, periods, postpartum bleeding, working out, and all your moisture needs.

Good for side sleepers.

Put on in 3 easy steps - open, sit, fasten.

Especially beneficial for those with mobility or dexterity issues, post-surgery, wheelchair users, elderly, pregnancy, postpartum, and those with back problems.

"No more bending down to get your underwear up!" TM


Adjustable maternity underwear with built-in tummy band

Our maternity underwear "grows with the tummy." Has a built-in tummy support band for a
gentle lift plus support for your lower back.

No need to lift the legs or bend down to put on. "No more bending down to get your underwear up!"TM



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