About Us

Our story

The name PregZen is a reference to being PREGnant with my daughter, JeZENya. It was my first pregnancy. Due to excessive water retention, I was bedridden and developed sciatica. This made bending down or lifting my legs difficult and at times painful. Was struggling to put on my underwear one day (would sit on the edge of my bed with my underwear in hand, throw it like a lasso and hope to land it on one foot so I could use my other foot to pull it up). Thats when I thought there must be an easier way for women like me (with reduced mobility) to get dressed.

That day I cut out an old t-shirt and bra, and made underwear with hooks on the sides. Underwear that can be put on while standing, sitting, or lying down. No bending down or lifting the legs necessary.

After many years spent working on the patent, looking for manufacturing companies, working on the website, packaging, social media. With 3 kids, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, I was slowly building my business at home.

13 years later. And we are finally here!

Our purpose for is to make comfortable, functional underwear for women of all stages in life.


Our Patented design makes getting dressed and undressed a lot more comfortable.