About Us

Our story

The name PregZen is a reference to being PREGnant with my first child, JeZENya. During my pregnancy I had a difficult time putting on underwear due to excessive water retention and sciatica. One day while struggling to get dressed - would take my underwear and throw it like a rope, hoping it would land on one foot so I could use my other foot to pull it up. I thought there must be an easier way for women like me to get dressed. That day I cut out an old t-shirt and bra, and made my own. After many years workin on the patent, looking for manufacturing companies, and 3 kids later, we are finally here. My purpose for designing these underwear is to help other women struggling with limited mobility.



Our aim is to grow and adapt to our customers needs. By creating products that help make our lives a little easier. Since it's the little everyday things, that make all the difference.

You, our beloved customers are our top priority, and through our products we hope to build long-lasting relationships.